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Storing and carrying data was often regarded as a tough job once upon a time. Large bundles of papers and files that were difficult to maintain and to carry made travelling while working a tough job. Like always, Science had the perfect solution to the problem. Technology introduced the miracle mini gadget that solved more than half the problem. USB Pen drive was invented in the mid 90's keeping in mind 2 criteria, portability and the ability to re-edit and rewrite. USB Pen Drive weighs around 30 grams but has a storage capacity between 256 MB to 160 GB that accounts for almost over 10000 songs, videos, data, PDF files, movies etc. USB pen Drive can support any kind of operating system like Linux, Mac OS, Windows and Xbox or play stations.

Among all the pen drive the most commonly preferred is the 16GB Pen Drive. The second most preferred pen drive is the 8 GB Pen Drive. Some of the Best Pen Drive is Sony, Kingstone, SanDisk and Transcendence. The 16 GB Pen Drive Price in India varies depending upon the company and the warranty. While buying pen drives one should look for the warranty period even before looking at the brand or price. The 16 GB Pen Drive Price ranges approximately between Rs 900 to Rs 4,500. Often we prefer buying a pen drive at cheaper price, without bothering about the brand or the warranty. This results in a variety of problem like virus or system failure. So it is always advisable to buy pen drive that has guarantee on them along with a brand name.

What is the Pen Drive Price in India? While the branded 2 GB pen drive can cost a bare minimum of Rs 200 to Rs 500 at the max, the higher end pen drive having capacity of 32 GB to 64 GB may cost between Rs 1100 to Rs 4000 approximately. The 8 GB Pen Drive Price ranges between Rs 500 to Rs 1000 depending upon the brand. For further details one can visit the websites and check for the Pen Drive Pricelist.

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This Pen Drives price list was last updated on 27 September 2022.