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Music is believed to be one of the most sensational mood changer ever. You can change someone's angry murderous mood into a happy smiling mood with just the click of a remote. The only thing you need is beautiful music. The nostalgia of gramophones though has slowly vanished but it came back in a more modified but huge version, 'the deck set' that had CD player, cassette player and radio along with two huge sound boxes in one giant compilation. That was the initial kind of Music system in India.

Currently it is much more trendy, compact and smaller in size. The music systems that are currently available are of many types. Two of the most common types that are available in the market are Digital music system and Portable music system.

Digital music systems are the one that convert Analog signals to Digital signals. They generally are larger and have multiple options in them like CD, radio etc in each separate compartment.

Portable Music players can be carried along anywhere and have a volume much lesser than that of Digital system. These are lightweight and trendy but are not suitable for playing amidst larger group of audience like ballroom or party hall.

The Music system price varies based on the specification and company however an estimate range of should be kept anywhere between Rs 2,500 to Rs 20,000 when one is buying Music system in India. Some of the best music systems in India are Philips, Sony, Bose, LG. before buying one should go through the specification and the music systems price lists available here thoroughly.

Let the music play and see how the world changes in front of you in a single instance. Music has the power to heal anything and everything. So next time you see someone playing loud music just groove along and enjoy it instead of shouting.

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This Music Systems price list was last updated on 10 August 2022.