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With the advancement of modern technology, modes of communication have overcome all barriers. The introduction of the mobile phones in India happed way back in the 1970-80s, and the country has never looked back since then. Today, almost every person in the country can be seen using a cell phone in order to stay in touch with all his near and dear ones. The decreasing call rates offered by all the service providers in the country have also helped the promotion of the best mobile phones to a great extent.

Moreover, the various mobile phone manufacturers in the country have been dishing out the latest mobile phones, which offer excellent features and specifications at fairly low prices, on a regular basis. Samsung mobile phones, HTC mobiles as well as Nokia mobile phones lead the pack with regard to this trend. This has helped the large number of gadget lovers to lay their hands on the new mobile phones without having to dig deep into their pockets. In fact, a large number of gadget lovers of modern-day India can be seen to change their mobile phones every second month, and purchase the latest mobile phones in order to have access to the latest features.

Furthermore, there are a large number of online sites in India, where interested buyers can access the information about various mobile phones and also compare mobile phones so that they are able to decide better about the best phones that would like to purchase. With the ever-dropping mobile phones price, purchasing the latest device is no longer a problem with the current generation of gadget freaks. There are also a large number of mobile phone manufacturers all over the globe that market their products in India because India is now being considered to be among the largest markets of mobile devices.

However, with adequate help from the internet in order to compare mobile phones, people can now also determine the best phones that they can buy within their respective budgets. Today, a person can buy a cell phone in India for as low as INR 500, which is a very important factor for people living in villages and rural India. With prices dropping tremendously, purchasing mobile phones in India has become much easier than it was a few decades earlier.

Disclaimer: In case of any discrepancy in Mobiles price list in India, we will be glad to take your suggestions and advice through our contact us page. We aim to display best prices for all Mobiles models for your purchasing ease. But since these prices fluctuate frequently, buyers will do good to confirm the Mobiles price at store end. These prices can be treated as proxy to local prices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Kolkata.

This Mobiles price list was last updated on 27 September 2022.