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Human brain is a massive storage unit. The capacity of the brain is limitless and cannot be measured but the problem is, we the human being. We do not know how to increase the productivity of the brain so we are not able to use it for the storage of all the memories and datas. This is where we need some or the other form of external source of storage. There was a time when these endless data were written down on endless bundle of papers and stocked up in shelves and cupboards. With time, as technology became more advanced instead of papers we started using computers hard disk to store the data.

When the Hard Disk of the computers started getting overfilled with the data, then came in a special form of storage media, the Portable External Hard disk. This device was just like a pen drive or memory card but the only difference is that they have a huge storage capacity of up to almost 5 terabytes. The most commonly available one is the 500GB external hard disk and 1TB external hard disk. This device is connected to the laptop or the computer through the USB port. The Portable external hard disk weights only about 100 grams and are so compact in size that they can be carried around anywhere without much trouble. The Hard disk drive of the Portable External Hard Disk can store over thousands of data, songs, movies, videos, PDF Files and document files.

What is the Hard Disk price?

The Portable External Hard Disk being a very unique, helpful but yet a simple device has gained huge popularity in the Indian market. The External Hard Disk price in India ranges between Rs 3000 to Rs 12500 depending on the capacity and the company. Many regard the high Hard Disk Price as a very small price to pay for a gadget that is of so much help. Some of the best External Hard Disks are Saget, Transcends etc.

Start contributing to the environment right now and stop using papers to store your innumerable data and carry them around. Get an External Hard Disk now.

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This External Hard Disks price list was last updated on 27 September 2022.