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Accessing the internet through a Wi-Fi connection has a number of benefits to offer to users, but at the same time, it also has a large number of drawbacks and disadvantages to offer to users. A Tablet PC with WiFi allows users to access the internet from any place, but in the absence of a Wi-Fi router, accessing the internet can prove to be a major problem. In order to access the internet, the Wi-Fi enabled device will always have to be within the range of the router.

This problem can be resolved pretty easily with the use of a 3G WiFi Tablet, which can be used with a 3G connection similar to that of a mobile phone, and also with a Wi-Fi, in case the device comes within the range of a Wi-Fi router. However, if the device, using a 3G connection, is placed in an area where the SIM card does not have connectivity, it cannot be used to access the internet. Therefore, it cannot be claimed that a 3G tablet PC is better than a WiFi Tablet PC on all aspects.

However, the speed of the connectivity of the Wi-Fi router depends on the speed of the internet connection going into the router, whereas the speed of 3G connectivity remains constant for all connections. Hence, a Tablet PC model with WiFi may offer the user with hi-speed internet or slow-paced internet depending on the speed of the internet connection flowing into the router, but the 3G enabled tablets will allow users to access hi-speed internet at all times.

Now, most tablet manufacturers of the current time are developing tablets of both kinds, allowing users to avail the tablets according to their choices. Furthermore, most 3G WiFi Tablet today have both features, allowing users to use the Wi-Fi connection, as well as the 3G internet connection according to their needs and requirements. This enables users to use the Android WiFi Tablet with the Wi-Fi connection when they come within the range of a router, and at the same time, use the 3G internet connectivity when they are not within the range of the Wi-Fi router.

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