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The most common and popular tablets to be used in the current scenario are developed by Apple, but they all have a display screen of 10 inches, which causes a lot many problems for users as far as portability is concerned. This is the elementary reason why the development of a 7 Inch tablet has become so necessary. At the present moment, there are a large number of manufacturers that have obliged the need of users, and have developed a wide range of exciting tablets with a display screen of 7 inches, making it a lot easier for user to get the best Tablet PC price according to their requirements and likings.

A 10-inch screen allows exceptional quality viewing experience for users, but the problem lies with the portability of such devices, which is among the elementary reasons behind the development of such devices. However, with the development of the 7 Inch Android Tablet, this issue has been resolved, and tablet users can now utilize the features and applications of the tablets on the go. Moreover, a 7 Inch Tablet PC is also far more comfortable to hold than the 10-inch tablets, enhancing the handling of the device to an exceptional extent. One can also have a look at the Android tablet under 10000 that are available in India just to have an idea of the tablet PC market.

Now, there are a large number of manufacturers, which have realized the problems that a 10-inch device has to offer to users, and presently, it can be seen that the market is literally overflowing with such tablets, with practically all manufacturers concentrating towards the development of the best Android Tablet PCs. Furthermore, with the low prices at which the Android operating system is available, almost every manufacturer is focusing on development of a 7 Inch tablet, as users are also warming up to the prospect of owning a mobile tablet PC.

This literally means that every tablet enthusiast has a world of options that he/she can choose from when it comes to the Best 7 Inch Tablet. Furthermore, with the expensive rates at which Apple distributes the iPads, it has become extremely exciting for users to learn that they can now purchase a 7 Inch Tablet in India at much lesser rates than the iPads.

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