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Touch screens came to the limelight as a groundbreaking technology to the mobile arena. This cutting-edge technology has made the world at your fingertips. Basically it is an electronic visual display that is able to detect the presence and location of a 'touch'. Introduction of touch screen displays in mobile led to the farewell of conventional keypad designs. With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets, the touch screen mobiles have become an inevitable part of it. Highlighting touch screen feature, Pricecheckindia grouped all applauded brands in one page and lets you to choose your phone by a small snap.

From the first touch screen mobile phone Simon PDA by IBM to the latest ones, the touch screen phones have gone through various design change parameters and ultimately paved its way to the top. Apple was the protagonist of the journey from resistive touch to capacitive touch. Apple brought a revolution in the smartphone world as well as touch screen technology with the launch of its flagship iPhone. That 3.5 inch multi-touch screen display was the beginning of a new dimension. Following the line of Apple, famous mobile phone brands like Motorola, Samsung touch screen, HTC touch screen, LG, Nokia touch screen also introduced their products to the war front.

With the advent of touch screens, it took mobile gaming into a whole new level. All the gaming freaks who were crying about finger fatigue were over the moon. They are no more like a one year old child trying to figure out how strong they can press something. The most popular of them like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run etc have been a revelation for both the developers and users alike. While vendors are on a do or die battle bringing the best out over each other, we can sit back, enjoy and reap all the benefits out of it. So scroll up and make your choice.

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