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High Tech Computer Corp a.k.a HTC is the Taiwanese tech giant which has a rich heritage of many firsts in the mobile phone industry. The first Microsoft phone, the first 4G US phone, the first Microsoft 3G phone and one of the world's first touch screen Smartphones were amongst their firsts. The best and latest mobile phone from HTC family is the HTC Butterfly and rumors started spreading stories about their next flagship phone HTC M7 that has not come over the hill. For each and every category, HTC mobiles has flagship products. Choosing mobiles based on your taste, budget, checking specifications, best price selection etc are backbreaking tasks. So. Leave that to pricecheckindia. The array of HTC mobile price list in our database serves your need and rest assured, it will be the best rates for HTC mobile models in India. The HTC Touch screen mobile prices are also well within the budget of the common man and worth a look for any interested buyer. Sorting in the ascending order, the HTC mobile price list starts from HTC Wildfire which carries a price tag of 7K and the last participant of the list is their latest model HTC Butterfly which comes at a whooping 38K price label. The escalating graph of HTC which includes transcending Nokia market, reverberates the arrival of a solid candidate to challenge the flagship of Apple and Samsung in Smartphone industry. The HTC android phones that the brand uses on its phones has proven to be a great success off late. Most of the HTC products are aiming the business class because HTC mobile price belt in India has its Fermi level between 20K and 30K. 'Beats Audio' support for all the latest HTC phones is a festive feature and a firm support to all trendsetting albums in the industry. With the help of our HTC mobile list which is categorized under essential features, you can find your foremost HTC mobile. As an addition, we also have a tailor made list based on the HTC phone price list where you can find phones under particular budget. Scroll down and explore the potpourri set for you.

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