Cdma Mobiles Price in India

Frankly speaking GSM mobiles have greater market share compared to CDMA mobiles in India. Almost 80% is owned by the former. Nevertheless CDMA phones has managed to keep their share amidst all troubles. The introduction of newbies in this category underlines this fact. The sales also show some consistency. So what is CDMA? It stands for code division multiple access which is a different technology altogether compared to GSM. The first and foremost difference is that CDMA handsets don't have a SIM. But now it carries a R - UIM card which is analogous to a GSM SIM card. Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM) is a card developed for CDMA handsets that extends the GSM SIM card to CDMA phones and networks. So it does not restrict the change of handset and also the operator. CDMA handsets are comparatively more secure because they are very easy to locate. In case of performance, it offers good voice clarity too. With all these charms CDMA failed to impress the crowd and it was on the verge of a collapse. But the introduction of Android and GSM + CDMA feature in the dual SIM phones gave a lifeline to CDMA handsets. SAMSUNG was the first to show up in the rescue operations with their galaxy i889. After that HTC desire VC, Samsung Galaxy Ace duos and Indian brands continued the market salvation. CDMA Mobile prices are quite sensible and Indian market is very generous about the product range. So if you are a CDMA lover no more merry-go-round when Pricecheckindia is right next to you. You can take a note of the features you needed and all the CDMA phones are right in front of you sorted according to the price tags and by different brands. All the best deals are just a few clicks away. Why wait? move up and fix the deal. Also see:

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This Cdma Mobiles price list was last updated on 27 September 2022.