Android Mobiles Price in India

Journey of Android started from the incubator of Google to become a giant leap in mankind. This Linux-kernel operating system is designed for smartphones and tablets. Android mobile phones stepped into the Symbian flagship boulevard with Apple joining the race with their iOS. HTC Dream was the first successfully marketed Android mobile phone. The open source license made Android a hot favourite to the mobile phone vendors as well as application developers. The development of Android from Google's cradle was astonishing. Today almost all mobile vendors are having Android mobile phones in their product showcase. So the Android mobile phone list is a little bit lengthy but Pricecheckindia will provide an easy way to find your Android phone by our custom-made lists which is arranged by the list of vendors. If your criterion is budget, we have another one which is categorized under android phone price in India. The line-up of android mobiles includes Samsung Android Phones, Micromax Android Phones, HTC Android Phones as well as a host of other major brands that use the OS. Removal of qwerty and standard keypad for mobile and the replacement with 3 button interface is the major change which Android has done in mobile phone design. The full touch compatibility challenged all conventional mobile phone designs in the market. In consumers' point of view they need something new for every meal, the same thing made android a blockbuster. The option to customize the OS with our choice is the stunning feature of Android, thanks to open source development license for this feature. Now android is the only competitor who can challenge the flagship of iOS in Industry. The price list of Android phones starts from down to earth and shoots upto sky high prices. Indian mobile phone vendors have Android phones from 2.5K and current toppers on the international market have jaw dropping price tags. If you love to make your smartphone experience out of the box and want to taste new applications and features that moves with the current trend, Android is the one for you. Pricecheckindia custom made Android mobile price list in India will help you to choose your dream phone. So go ahead and make your selection.

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This Android Mobiles price list was last updated on 09 December 2022.