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Worst online experience
By Mohan  Dec 08, 2013  
I was an online buyer from last 3 years, i would say the no. of issues that i faced in the last 3 years is 0. But recently i bought a product in infibeam, as per the delivery timelines given the product has to reach me in 14 days, but till 13 days i didnt see any update whether the product is delivered are not and so i called the customer care to know the update. The update i got from them is "we dont have an update, let us check with concerned team" (which is always an update in hand with infibeam Customer care). After 15 days af followup (dialy 10-15 min in call to get the update as stated earlier), i got the product which has a big dent. The battle with Customer care once again started and it took other 15 days to get the replaced one.One of the worst customer care i have seen. Although they give deadline of 72 hours to get back, they never call the customers to provide the update. The customer himself has to call them and spend 10-15 to get No change in update status.
No Return & Exchange Policy
By Nancy Johri  Sep 24, 2013  
I am a regular online shopper and I can really say that buying from Infibeam is my biggest mistake. I ordered HCL tablet (Order Id: 20598393), which was defective. I lodged the complaint the next day. Nothing was done by Infibeam till 2 weeks. I had to call your executives daily, but you all are so damn lazy to take any action against my problem. I wondered for what you guys are taking your salary. I got all different responses by your executives when I asked about the return policy. Then after 2 weeks, my tablet was picked up and they promised me that I will get the refund within 10 days, which is clearly a lie. its been around 1 month, I haven't got my money back. No Infibeam personnel is concerned to solve the query of its customer. So, if you have ordered a product from this stupid online store and it is defective, then your bad time starts now. Be ready that nothing will be done by these people. They don't have something called "Return Policy" or "Exchange Policy". Worst experience ever. I have decided not to buy anything from Infibeam again. I will suggest you all the same.
By sgpune  May 26, 2013  
Infibeam should be totally avoided. Reasons: Disorganized, No concept of customer service other than replying with copy-paste e-mails, Its a matter of luck if you receive a proper product. If you have an issue, you are in for trouble. Please check this link for the complete story.
Worst online buying experience
By ROhit  May 06, 2013  
this is worst online ecommerce site.I placed an order and they promised to deliver it in 3-4 days. Today 8th day has been passed and whrn I contacted customer care executive he says that order is out of stock, wht the hell, if you donot have inventory why you accepted my order?there is no talks of refund, they are saying that they are searching the product in other warehouses as if they are manually searching all the books to find ordered book. This is my last transaction with infibeam. goodbye worst online buying experience ever.
Cheap Price
By Harsh  Apr 20, 2013  
I will Rate 5/5 in case of price its the online store that offers cheapest price of a product. I don't know about services but price are cheapest. I checked it for c couple of products like HP Webcam Some gaming consoles its the cheapest over here as compare to other websites.
very very bad exper...
By santosh MS  Dec 18, 2012  
i had bought an cell phone from but that cell phone is 2nd hand they making foool to people... very bad service from them not good responce... dont buy
Pathetic Service
By Amit  Oct 27, 2012  
One of the worst experience i had with Infibeam... first the shipping got delayed by almost 2 weeks than what was promised and i had to do numerous follow up... secondly the product sent was sub standard and the life of the new battery is lesser than what i was getting for my old battery. I sent a complaint to infibeam but as usual there was no response. When i posted the review on Infibeam they never displayed on their website and no body even tried to contact me.
By sachit  Sep 28, 2012  
xtrimly good mobile....with a very nice touchscreen at such a price..!! very happy to reciv it...infibeam has done a splendid job at offering it at such a cheap range compared to other sites. also the customer care was very supportive n i recived the order in 3days...a very supportive n professional site to buy items..!! till date.!! ๐Ÿ™‚
not bad but can be better
By Max  Jun 08, 2012  
their prices were competitive on the samsung phone i bought from them. however, delivery and customer service could have been better. item arrived late and customer service wasn't helpful in helping explain reasons for delay.
Infibeam does not post negative reviews
By nj  Mar 25, 2012  
I purchased a Black & Decker, 2 Slice Toaster, ET202 (White) toaster from Infibeam. They send an e.mail asking to review the product. There were problems with the product (not Infibeam), so I posted a review to warn other consumers. It has been five days. I guess the review being negative, they are refusing to post it on their website, although they apologized for the problems by a phone call, and promised to post the review. I will be wary of a company that refuses to post negative opinions of the products they sell.Here is the review that I wrote for the toaster after using it for about 4 days.Pros: 1. Pops up the toast!2. Looks quite decent.Cons:1. Comes with a UK plug (is that legal?). After you receive it, first go and buy an adapter, or do the more specialized job of cutting the wire and attaching an Indian plug.2. Even at the setting of 3 it partially burns the toast. The so called \'electronic variable browning control\' knob goes up to 7. I want to see the CEO of Black and Decker eating a toast browned at a setting of 7, or even 6.3. There is no mechanism to centre the toast in the slot. A standard thin Indian slice of bread will fall to one side, and the toast will be overdone on one side. (Infibeam: I suggest that presence or absence of this mechanism should be part of the standard description of specs.)Final recommendation: Do not buy it if you like your toast.PS. No issues with Infibeam. They did a flawless professional job.
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