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By RISHI KANT SHRAMA  Jan 13, 2014  
GOOD EVENING SIR/MADAM, i m Rishikant sharma, i m student and i need Pendrive but i m confuse because very - 2 different pendrive offer but i want best pendrive whose complete my criteria 16 GB Pendrive. Please suggest me. Which is the best pendrive for pendrive (cause many times pendrive not working position). Thanku!
Quick Delivery
By Rajesh  Oct 01, 2013  
I do regular shopping from the flipkart and the thing which i like most is quick and fast delivery . Mostly they delivered order in my place within 2-3 days .
expensive site
By sumeet  May 31, 2013  
flipkart is offering items at much higher rates although they give the impression that so much discount is offered. even then it is expensive than what is available on most other sites.
i love it
By anamika ghost  Mar 23, 2013  
flipkart really caught our families attention when the book 7 habbits if highly effective teenagers was availiable and believe me we searched the whole town for that book and there it was in flipkart.Once we had ordered a product from flipkart and it mistakely got missed but leaving that flipkart is a often browsed mega store in my family.Hip Hip Hurray for flipkart
By Koushik Roy  Mar 14, 2013  
Flipkart is the best. Am giving this statement because its so easy to sit at home and purcase any thing from this online mega store, especially for person like us who are so busy in office that they have to think for making a outing to buy anything. So flipkart rocks, and thanx flipkart...Koushik RoyNCC Executive,MRL Posnet Pvt. Ltd.
Reliable & Best
By abcd  Dec 15, 2012  
Reliable & Best but not always cheap. Quick delivery on most of items. Nice packaging.
Remove negative feedback from products
By param  Nov 01, 2012  
i liked flipkart for their fast product delivery. but they remove negative reviews (about the product )posted at their website..so reading reviews and then deciding to buy a product can be RISKY..
Usually most expensive of the lot
By Kaankharu  Oct 31, 2012  
Flip kart is expensive for a lot of items.. they are looting people with charging so much more than other websites. Their service is also not ok but ultimately their price is high on a lot of items.
Great Service
By Patrick Collins  Jul 02, 2012  
I have used flip kart for over 3 years now and mainly for books. These were very special and rare books relating to music (guitar and music theory) and management. The delivery was very quick, and for the first time I really trusted someone to get me books not available in India. Thanks to flip kart your business is terrific and I wish you many successes. Regards, Patrick Collins, VP -HR, Global Green, Bangalore
Usually most expensive of the lot
By Prankey  Jun 03, 2012  
I have never been able to buy from them as they have ALWAYS been most expensive of the lot when talking about online shopping. Some of my colleagues feel Flipkart is cheapest, I fail to register how on earth they find it cleap! Now that they have swallowed Letsbuy, I feel we are back to ages of high priced gadgets unless some other site like indiaplaza.com or sulekha.com takes over (have found several great deals at indiaplaza.com already and have gone with them).
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