About Us


At PriceCheckIndia, we are focused on revolutionizing the way people shop, specially big ticket items. Currently the efforts involved in finding the product you want at a reasonable price are quite involved. Most of the people I know they simply sign into Flipkart and purchase stuff from there. People who are little more geeky, they will go around looking up popular sites for a better deal. That gave us the inspiration to develop a site where we do that job for you. You can simply visit our site and be assured that we have done the due diligence in finding the best deal (note not just the best price) out there. We constantly refresh our databases with the latest price and deal information from the most reliable online stores. Our exponentially increasing traffic is live testimony of the quality of service we are able to provide to shoppers. After all retail therapy is supposed to make you feel better not keep you worried whether or not you got a good deal!


As far as the team goes, we are two friends working behind the scene. Speaking of Punit, well he is probably the crazier one. Left his high paying stable job in US. His boss tried to stop him by increasing his salary. Friends stopped talking to him thinking he has lost his mind. Obviously why would someone leave the country of opportunities and settle in the crowded city of Bangalore?? Well time will tell if he is really crazy or not but for now he is keeping himself busy with what he likes to do. At PriceCheckIndia, Punit has found his long lost motivation to make a difference.


Speaking about Rahul, he just loves to code and prepare clean web designs. He started pricecheckindia as a hobby project to satisfy his hunger to code and to keep his axe sharp. He simply loves messing with the framework and making things more interesting for the shoppers!




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